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Canadian Media Circulation Audit

Verified Circulation is now Canadian Media Circulation Audit.

The new name was approved by the board of directors of the Canadian Community Newspapers Association in early 2007. The name Canadian Media Circulation Audit is a reflection of the growth and enhancements of the program and better positions it as a credible circulation auditing service with media, government, advertisers and agencies.

Verified Circulation (VC) was launched in 1971 by the Canadian Community Newspapers Association, and provides publishers, advertising agencies and advertisers with reliable audited circulation figures. Today, CMCA audits more than 600 publications, including community newspapers and business, consumer and farm publications.

Unlike other costly in-house audits, CMCA is self-administered: The publisher collects and maintains circulation records and files a circulation report every six months. Once a year, a thorough and rigorous audit is performed by the Canadian Media Circulation Auditor or an independent chartered accountant.

  • The Audit Process
  • CMCA Auditor
  • CMCA Auditor Fees
  • On-Site Audits

The Audit Process

Upon submission of your CMCA application and payment of the annual fee, a publisher has one year in which to file an audited Initial Report. The six-month period to be covered by the report will be established in consultation with the CMCA office. Upon successful completion of the audit, a publisher may publicize their status as a full CMCA member.

Optionally, a publisher may file a Three-Month Applied Status Report. Upon verification of a Three-Month Report by the CMCA office, a publisher may publicize their applied status in CMCA. An audited Initial Report must still be submitted and must include the three months covered by the Three-Month Applied Status Report plus the three months immediately following.

Following the successful audit of the Initial Report, the publisher will be required to file a circulation report every six months. An audit must be conducted annually.

CMCA Auditor

All new members are required to submit their Initial Reports to the CMCA Auditor.

Community newspapers then have the option of having subsequent audits conducted by the CMCA Auditor or an independent chartered accountant of their choice.

Business, consumer and farm publications must continue to submit their audits to the CMCA Auditor.

JMG Enterprises was appointed CMCA Auditor on January 1, 1998.

JMG Enterprises Limited
85 Clements Road West
Ajax, Ontario
L1S 4H4

Telephone: (905) 426-3382
Fax: (905) 426-3381

Angela Gabriel, President

CMCA Auditor Fee

Use of the CMCA Auditor is subject to auditor fees. Annual CMCA membership fees do not include the auditor fee.

The auditor fee is due at the time of submission of the report to be audited and should be made payable to JMG Enterprises.

Use the charts below, or download the audit fee schedules:

  • CCNA Community Newspapers - PDF (43 k)
  • Business & Consumer Publications - PDF (43 k)

    CCNA Community Newspaper Members

    Up to – 4,999

    $103.13 + GST = $108.29

    5,000 – 5,999

    $130.63 + GST = $137.16

    6,000 – 6,999

    $158.13 + GST = $166.04

    7,000 – 7,999

    $185.63 + GST = $194.91

    8,000 – 8,999

    $213.13 + GST = $223.79

    9,000 – 9,999

    $240.63 + GST = $252.66


    $275.00 + GST = $288.75

    Add $3.13 + GST for every 1,000 circulation over 10,000

    Business/Consumer/Associate/Sustaining Members

    Up to – 4,999

    $121.88 + GST = $127.97

    5,000 – 5,999

    $149.38 + GST = $156.85

    6,000 – 6,999

    $176.88 + GST = $185.72

    7,000 – 7,999

    $204.38 + GST = $214.60

    8,000 – 8,999

    $231.88 + GST = $243.47

    9,000 – 9,999

    $259.38 + GST = $272.35


    $294.38 + GST = $309.10

    Add $4.38 + GST for every 1,000 circulation over 10,000


    On-Site Audits

    The CMCA Auditor conducts a number of random on-site audits throughout the year. This is a good opportunity for the publisher and circulation manager to discuss their circulation practices and procedures with the CMCA Auditor, as well as to ask questions about CMCA. There is no auditor fee associated with an on-site audit.


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